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MRR’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

(updated 7/22/20)

We are living in unprecedented times. Please know that Missouri River Relief is working diligently to give thoughtful consideration about how our decisions will impact our program opportunities AND keep families safe across our region. We are evaluating our programs and meetings on a case-by-case basis and will publish any cancellations, postponements or other important announcements on this page, the sidebar on the right and on our Facebook page

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American White Pelicans

MRR supports the practice of social distancing, or limiting personal contact and increasing personal space, as a means to slow community spread of this novel virus and lessen the impact on our health care resources and workers.  This strategy can make the most effective difference to slow the spread of the virus.

The federal government issued guidelines on Sunday, March 29, limiting gatherings of 10 or more people. We have cancelled all public events through August and are constantly evaluating the likelihood of being able to host events in the Fall and beyond. The safety of our staff, participants and community will be the guide for our decisions. 


Our Office

For the time being, Missouri River Relief’s offices will remain CLOSED to the general public. Our staff is partially working from home and are available in all of the usual ways. Our staff lives in Boone County, MO, which is currently no longer under a Stay At Home Order. 

At this time, we are asking our partners and volunteers to call or email us to discuss how best to deliver packages or communicate about programs. 

Please call our office line at 573-443-0292 and leave a message, or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping keep our community safe.


Our Staff, Volunteers and Program Participants

To help control the spread of this virus, we are taking the following actions and recommendations:

  • We will keep up to date on CDC recommendations for preventing the virus spread. 

  • Our staff is now working from home and limiting their movement through the community. Staff members are welcome to use 1/2 day to volunteer in the community supporting those most impacted by the COVID-19 economic and health crisis as such work is safe. 

  • Looking into the future, we will be evaluating each program to find unique and creative ways to adapt programs to a virtual or digital space when possible and practical and to determine when public programs can safely be held again following the peak of this viral spread. 


Support What You Care About

These next few weeks and months will be so difficult for so many in our communities. Missouri River Relief, as a nonprofit supported predominately by community donations and event-related funding, will be going through a lean time this year. This goes for many service and entertainment businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians as well as the many nonprofits that serve our communities. For those that can afford to support community organizations and businesses, this is a very important time to do so. 

Please consider making a donation at or look for ways to support other important organizations serving your community. 


Remain Active In Our Community

Social distancing means that we have to work even harder to support all the people in our communities. Over the next few weeks, we’ll all be restricting our social interactions more and more, and there may be enforced local, state or federal restrictions we’ve never experienced before. 

But we have a lot of tools to remain connected as a community that don’t involve face-to-face contact. Let’s use them! Think of two or more people in your circle that might be vulnerable or may not have a good support system. Check in on them by calling or texting! Respect each other’s safe spaces and community guidelines, but visits can be made safely and be helpful. If you know someone who gets sick, keep checking in to see what they might need. If you need to physically help someone who is sick, check out the latest CDC guidelines to keep yourself safe but please do reach out! With the economic uncertainty, think of ways you can help those most affected. 

We need each other in these unique and challenging times more than ever.


The Power of Nature

Remember that nature can be a safe place to go. Social isolation is depressing and nature is uplifting. Make time to walk in the woods or sit by the river. It will always make you feel better. The Missouri River has been brightening people’s moods for thousands of years. 


Our Programs

As of March 17, all Missouri River Relief programs are being re-evaluated. Below is a list of programs that have been cancelled, postponed or reorganized. We will update here and on Facebook. Remember to check here for the latest updates or cancellations of programs. 

  • Confluence Trash Bash originally scheduled for March 21 has been POSTPONED until a later TBD date by the organizers Greenway Network and Great Rivers Greenway. 

  • “Design a Riverboat Challenge” scheduled for March 25 at Daniel Boone Library in Columbia has been CANCELLED

  • "Missouri River Clean-up in Kansas City" is CANCELLED.
  • “Integrating Water Quality into Your Classroom” Teacher Workshop on April 20th in Kasnsas City has been CANCELLED 
  • "Missouri River Days” scheduled on April 24th, April 27th, April 29th and May 1st in Columbia has been CANCELLED

  • Columbia Earth Day Festival booth - on April 26 has been POSTPONED date tbd
  • "Missouri River Recycle Relay" booth scheduled for May 6 at Prairie Fork Earth Day is CANCELLED 
  • Missouri River All Stars After School Program” and Field Trip on May 9th in Columbia has been CANCELLED

  • "Spring 12" Paddle Race on May 9 has been CANCELLED a benefit for MRR hosted by our friends at Osage Paddle Sports
  • "Douglass High School: River Trip" scheduled for May 11 in Columbia is CANCELLED
  • "Missouri River Clean-up in New Haven" scheduled for May 16 is CANCELLED 
  • "Missouri River Academy" scheduled for July 5th-9th is CANCELLED
  • "Missouri River Adventure Camp" scheduled for July 20th-24th is CANCELLED 

  • "Boonedawdle" Boat Rides scheduled on August 8 has been CANCELLED

  • MRCN AmeriCorps Workshop on August 12 has been CANCELLED

  • Missouri River "Sunset Cruise" with Columbia Parks & Rec on Sept. 9 & 11 has been CANCELLED

  • "Missouri River Days" with Columbia Public Schools Sept. 28, 30 & Oct. 2 has been CANCELLED

  • Job Point River Clean-up with Job Point AmeriCorps Members on Oct. 7 has been CANCELLED

  • River Trip with National Sierra Club members on October 12 & 13 has been CANCELLED

  • Kansas City Educator Workshop with Shawnee Mission on Oct. 15 has been CANCELLED

  • Columbia Public Schools Educator Workshop on November 2 has been CANCELLED


Keep calm, wash your hands, stay home if you can or if you are sick, and we hope to see you on the river soon!

Missouri River Sunset

Sunset at Cooper's Landing - photo by Melanie Cheney


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