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Missouri River Activity Booklets Fill Columbia Little Free Libraries

Are you interested in becoming a National Park Junior Ranger?

Did you know the Missouri River is considered a National Park? Yep, it’s the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail.

The Little Free Libraries in Columbia and Jefferson City have been stocked with activity booklets. These include the following: 

Discover the Missouri River Activity Booklet: Will keep you twisting and turning and wondering what’s around the next bend. 

Junior Ranger Let’s Go Fishing: You can meet a fish and learn some other slimy fun facts 

Junior Ranger Space Flight Explorer: Challenge yourself to identify our National Parks from space. 


If you complete these activity booklets, you can take an oath to help protect our waterways and wear your Junior Ranger badge with honor!  

At Missouri River Relief we are dedicated to connecting you to the Missouri River. We love to inspire folks to appreciate the resources of our beautiful river. 

A big shout out to our crew members for helping distribute the activity booklets and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail for helping share information about the resources of the Missouri River. 

Covid-19 Pandemic: When visiting the Little Free Libraries, please use the same precautions as you would when visiting and touching things in any public place. 

Here is a link to a map for you to see the locations in Columbia. 

Locations in Columbia include:

1605 Limerick Lane

1021 Crestland Ave. 

2213 Katy Ln.

511 Hickman Ave.

2222 Bluff Blvd

2322 Meadow Lark Lane

1601 Hanover Blvd

3500 Snow Leopard Dr

1207 Smith St.

806 Crestland Ave.

301 Fredora

107 Westwood Ave

111 Parkade Blvd., Parkade Elementary

Old 63 parking lot, Stephens Lake Park west lot

1719 East University Ave

2500 Chapel Hill Rd., Twin Lakes Area on sidewalk to dog park

2002 Flat Rock 

416 Oak

311 McBaine Ave

505 E Ash St, Nora Stewart Early Learning Center, east side of building

1509 Hinkson Ave, Daycare Center

2307 E. Bearfield Subdivision

1120 Anderson Ave.

1120 Sunset Lane

Locations in Jefferson City include:

McKay Park, 1700 Southridge Dr.

Hickory/Adams Park, 503 Hickory St.

Park Place, 1112 Park Ave.

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