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River Updates

MRR joins Americorps Stream Team Program

Melanie Cheney

Melanie Cheney

River Relief is excited to be participating in the Americorps Stream Team Assistant Program this year. We’ve hired one of our volunteer crewmembers, Melanie Cheney. She will be helping us and other area Stream Teams.

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MRR receives award from Open Space Council

Painting of bluffs

St. Alban's bluffs by artist Bryan Dawes Haynes

On Sept. 20, MRR crewmembers Jeff Barrow and Melanie Cheney accepted the William T. Schock “Clean Water Conservancy” award at the Open Space Council’s Meremec Basin Summit. The award recognizes MRR’s commitment to water conservation across the state, and is a beautiful print of the pre-settlement St. Alban’s bluffs by artist Bryan Dawes Haynes.

From the Bottom Up hits bookstores

Jeff Barrow

Jeff Barrow

MRR Coordinator Jeff Barrow spent the last year writing down Chad Pregracke’s amazing story about the growth of Living Lands and Waters, the industrial strength river clean-up and restoration organization that inspired Missouri River Relief. The book has been published by National Geographic. Check out and is created and maintained by Missouri River Relief, P.O. Box 463, Columbia, MO 65205
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